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Rugs have a number of advantages over other flooring materials. Carpets well insulate sound, with them warm and cozy. But there is a carpet and disadvantages: they collect dust and wear out quickly. Competent care with the use of special tools for cleaning your carpets will always be clean and fresh, and along with their useful life.

Depending on the carpet fibers are natural and synthetic. The greater the content of natural dies, the harder it will be to clean your carpet. Yes and dirt so the carpet retains more. Coatings made of synthetic materials are more durable, they absorb less dirt and easier to clean.

The basic rules of care

While new carpet, sweep it with a broom, wrapped in a damp cloth or a clean soft brush. Over time, the carpet pile compacted. After that carpet can be vacuumed.

Not the stela in the wet floor carpet. So you keep the adhesive backing and do not give the opportunity to develop mold on the carpet.

To avoid damage to the threads of the carcass carpet should not knock him on the ropes and the crossbar. After wet carpet cleaning, rinse it with a weak solution of vinegar or citric acid. This will keep the brightness of the color of the carpet.

Cleaning of carpets

For regular cleaning is better to choose an ordinary, not washing vacuum cleaner. And do not forget to vacuum the carpet and the wrong part. Use versatile brush for carpets. It is possible to remove or push the bristles. This brush is much more convenient to collect dirt and dust from the entire surface of the coating. For cleaning pet hair turbo brush use.

Tips for stain removal

Stains from any wines and juices are well removed with dilute ammonia. If the stain is small, you can sprinkle baking soda or salt. After drying, clean the brush and vacuum clean.

Spilled tea or coffee can remove detergent solution. Thereafter, cold water rinse. Blood wash immediately with cool water. You should not use hot or warm water – and his spot will be difficult to withdraw. On the spot, apply a mixture of cold water and starch. Then let dry. Remove the mixture with a brush.

Stains from vegetable oils or fats treat dishwashing detergent or baking soda. Blot with a tissue or a dry cloth and dry.

Implementation of these rules will help extend the life of the carpet and keep its appearance. Many housewives are surprised that a professional house cleaning provides a better result than any family general cleaning. The reason is that the pros use specialized tools to clean the floor, carpet, furniture and other surfaces that can not be bought at the supermarket.

Each of us has a part of his precious time to spend on cleaning. But here’s the problem: sometimes it can be given a whole day, and the desired result did not achieve. You do not have time, wool from a beloved cat refuses to part with carpeted … How can tidy up quickly and effectively, while maintaining good spirits?

1. Begin to harvest in a good mood and cheerful. Turn catchy music, try to move around the apartment quickly, but without the hassle.

2. Divide the flat zones. Being accepted for cleaning one zone, not distracted by another. Set yourself a time limit.

3. At the time of cleaning, disconnect the phone, television, computer, and everything that can distract you.

4. If you have pets that are regularly leave their hair throughout the apartment – use uncomplicated advice: buy at the store a little glycerin and grease them brush cleaner. Then collect the wool will be much easier.

5. More quiet and smooth movements vacuum cleaner will help you gather dust thoroughly than brushing vigorous movement.

6. If you are the owner of a large apartment and cleaning takes a lot of time, you can try to get out every day for a little bit. For example, clean up the kitchen on Monday, Tuesday, bedroom, etc. This approach will help to treat the process of cleaning quieter and make it more noticeable.

7. Keep the house in order. This is a very important rule. Remove thing in place or just to clean soiled plate takes a couple of minutes, but will save valuable time in the day.

Did you know that? ..

There are different techniques vacuuming. In particular, a large space is recommended vacuuming “stripes”: rooms must be visually divided into strips, and each of these bands to clean zigzag. In a crowded room you need to apply the principle of “stars” – move the vacuum cleaner is necessary so that all the lines converge in the center, resembling a star.

Spring – it’s time to wake up and update a wonderful time happy changes.

That means it’s time to spend spring cleaning the house!

Spring cleaning the house – it is both tedious and inspiring. Change the situation around him, clearing the space of unnecessary things, we are reborn and energize for new achievements. To make the most effective cleaning and not too burdensome, it is advisable to follow a number of rules:

  • Make a plan for cleaning. To do everything in one day, or to act gradually, according to the schedule – depends entirely on your preferences. The most important thing – not prematurely “go the distance”.
  • Determine the purpose of cleaning. Write down these goals on a separate sheet and attach it in a prominent place, to remember that what you seek.
  • Create your motivation: Plan your breaks, prepare delicious snacks, turn on your favorite music, buy yourself something nice reward.
  • Be prepared to provide all the cleaning products and cleaning supplies.
  • While cleaning move downwards (from floor to ceiling) of nooks house (bedroom, bathroom) to the hallway.

Perhaps, in your head already appeared about to-do list. Check if it’s spring cleaning of the main tasks at home:

Change curtains and curtains on the windows on the lighter, better allowing the natural light. Wash shot kit, dry thoroughly and store in a safe place, such as in a special carrying case.

Wash windows and mirrors. Warm weather finally allows to wash the windows. To perfectly clean the glass and give it a bright shine, use a high-quality accessories for window cleaning microfiber. At the same time, along with windows, place the glossy shine on all mirrors.

Cleaning the dust and cobwebs in the corners of the room and furniture on the upper shelves and ceiling moldings. Take the time to get to the hard to reach places! This will help you brush for dust.

Replacement wardrobe. In your closet still hanging heavy coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats and jackets? They not only take up much space, but also a rumpled, gathering dust. Prepare the sleigh in summer: wash with special tools or give it to the dry cleaners winter clothes, put it in bags and store in a far corner of the wardrobe. Now make room for new spring outfits!

The same applies to the shoe. Wipe the outer part and sole, insole check – perhaps something has fallen into disrepair. In a clean, dry shoes, insert a spacer to prevent crushing. Put the shoe boxes in pairs, ideally wrap each shoe in a separate bag or paper. But faster and more convenient to use a case for storage of shoes, which fit easily into the bottom of the cabinet or mezzanine.

Revision houseplants. With the arrival of spring plants began to revive. Check in which they state. Perhaps some of them need to wash, or feed the transplant. And put them closer to the life-giving sunlight.

We wish you success!